Sunday School Lenten Outreach
Sunday School Lenten Outreach

Grassroots Housewarming Kits   

The OCSM Sunday School students would like to thank the Parish for their very generous donations of household items and gift cards that helped to make our Lenten Outreach Project a big success! 

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center provides crisis and homeless services for individuals and families, and is located right here in Columbia. A couple of months ago, we in the Sunday School program reached out to Grassroots to see what type of outreach our students might be able to participate in to provide help to the Center. Grassroots told us that they had multiple families getting ready to move from the Homeless Shelter into their own apartments, and that they would like to be able to provide "Housewarming Kits" to the families to help them get started in their new homes. 

Our Sunday School decided to try to put together six of these Housewarming Kits for the residents, and they did a lot of work to pull everything together! First, one of our students put together a "Sign-Up Genius" form online so that we could track the items that were being donated. Our older elementary and middle school students made illustrations for a flier that our younger students passed out to parishioners. Three of our students also made announcements to the Parish to explain our project and ask our community for help in gathering the items we needed. 

Our youngest class of students spent one Sunday School class making "Welcome Home" cards for the residents to include in the Housewarming Kits. 

After we finished our donation collections, we spent time going through and checking off items that we had, and then were able to use donations of cash and Target gift cards to finish filling the kits so that every kit had the items that it needed. 

Finally, on Sunday, April 3, all of our students worked together on teams, older kids working with younger kids, to check all items to make sure that they were separated out correctly and price tags were removed. The teams filled the kitchen trash bins and laundry baskets with all of the household donations, and tied them with ribbons. 

The Housewarming Kits were filled with many items including cleaning supplies, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, shower curtains, and a pair of pillows with pillowcases for every kit. One of our students even made homemade potholders to include in kits for an added special touch.

On Tuesday, April 5, we dropped off all six of the Housewarming Kits to Grassroots. We don't have an exact total value of all items that were donated, but we estimate that we were able to donate around $1000-1500 in household items, and another $595 in gift cards to Giant, Walmart, and Target. The generous donations will surely help residents to have a wonderful start in their new homes. 

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