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At St. Matthew's, small teams of parishioners provide refreshments on a rotating basis.  We gather in our hall following Sunday Divine Liturgy services. This is a wonderful time for fellowship and getting to know each other better.  Please join us.   See Rosemarie K. for more information and to join a team - no experience needed!  We train!  


 06/04  Parish Picnic (no coffee hour)
 06/11  Andrea M. & Cooper P.

Please do not bring food unless it is your scheduled day or a Pot Luck day.
xtra juice boxes and coffee are always welcome.

Sunday Fellowship Hour is held in our hall and back patio on nice days. Refreshments can be as simple as the team wishes.  The church students will have their drinks and snacks and then join their Sunday School classes.

Bring a quart or two of 1/2 n 1/2 or milk for the coffee.
Make the coffee/decaf/hot water; directions are posted in the kitchen.
The large pot takes one minute per cup to brew - start it early.  

Use the large coffee pot on the cart for coffee and the smaller pot for hot water.
Roll the cart to the back left side of the hall and plug them in there. 
Brew two white pots of decaf in the kitchen and move them both to the coffee cart after DL.

Arrange the coffee “fixings” (tea bags, creamers, sugars, stirrers) on the cart and the juices on the table by the kitchen.

Plates, napkins, and utensils are in the lower cabinet by the kitchen door.

As always, clean up, rinse the coffee pots and leave them upside down to air dry in the kitchen.  Put other things back where you found them.  Refill the teas and sweeteners if needed.  Take any extra food home unless you have arranged with the next week’s team to use them (e.g. coffee creamers).

Notify Rosemarie K, Tina L, or Susan P,  when any supplies are running low. 
Thank you for volunteering so we can hold a weekly Coffee Hour!

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    Parish Picnic
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